List of winners - Congratulations to everyone!

No. First name Last name Card number
1 Jos*** Rodul** s031700101451r
2 Th*** V* S031000654126H
3 Jee*** K** Y782517002526n
4 Aru*** C** S782007125594V
5 Hy*** K** S782017044927U
6 Suhy*** H** S782017055343G
7 YU*** PA** S782017086673G
8 Bo* L** S782017071769P
9 Seong-*** K** S782007155329H
10 TAEH*** MO** S782017095163G
11 S*** JA** Y782517003415M
12 Tae*** K** S782017070764K
13 J*** BA** S782017042959Q
14 HYE*** L** S782017057214Q
15 YOO*** S** S782017078757E
16 JIYE*** PA** S782017094272N
17 Sang*** Ja** S782017092661G
18 SUNW*** R** S782017083806N
19 Jih*** R** Y782517003227K
20 Gh*** Yasm** S782007153838U
21 JINYO*** YA** S782017024545P
22 SEUNG*** L** S782007186409D
23 Mihye*** K** S782007132480B
24 Jeong*** K** S782017073103H
25 A*** C** S782007182316C
No. First name Last name Card number
26 CHEE LI*** E** S065000302752J
27 Duan Chi*** Wo** S065000302754N
28 B** MUN** S782007144228V
29 Ti*** Mukhametka***** S207000086379F
30 TH*** NGUY** S782007184887Q
31 zoh*** Miri ra****** T098000005841
32 Din*** Asse**** S043000035513S
33 CHAE*** PA** S782007185134N
34 Victo*** Hoh**** S358000921719U
35 ALEXAN*** WIEG*** S081000008796H
36 CHIH*** SUZ*** S081000008400Q
37 HOT*** MATSU**** S081003348904N
38 J** YAM***** S358000921419U
39 KO*** MUR** S081000013151N
40 M*** WATA**** S081000013907L
41 AL** AN* S065000302290N
42 FAB*** SE** S065000302284R
43 H*** SI* S065000297019L
44 JA*** CH** S065000302314P
45 QING**** N* S065000297004J
46 JOHA*** SO** S065000302300N
47 KANG*** TO* S065000297020U
48 KE*** X* S065000302255P
49 MICHA*** BRAN** S065000297002N
50 QI *** WE* S065000296998K

If you are a winner, please contact us!

For the winners, please send an e-mail to by May 25, and the person in charge will confirm it and guide you how to receive the prize until May 31.

Please include the following information in your e-mail.

  1. Your full name and ISIC·ITIC·IYTC number
  2. Mobile phone number and e-mail address that we can send the giveaways.
  3. Please tell us the priority of your desired prize.
    (e.g.: 1- Express train oneway ticket between Seoul station and Incheon Airport, 2- Free pass to Lotte World, 3- PNon-verbal performance ticket)
  • Starbucks coffee coupon(gifticon) will be given to all winners.
  • Performance tickets will be given as mobile cultural vouchers for use in Korea, and the tickets for Incheon Airport Railway will be sent by e-mail.
  • You can receive the Lotte World Free Pass at the KISES office in Seoul. (If you have a Korean address, you can receive Lotte World free pass by mail.)
  • The prize will be given by the priority according to the preference of the winners. Priority will be given to those who send e-mails earlier depending on the number of prizes.

Giveaways for winners!

Express train oneway ticket between Seoul station and Incheon Airport (10)

Free pass to Lotte World, the largest theme park in Seoul

Non-verbal performance ticket

Coffee coupon
for Starbucks Korea